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We're always looking for new basic, closeout, and liquidation products to offer our customers. Whether you have a pallet of a product or even a truckload that you're looking to move, send us your offer and we'll see if any of our clientele have interest. Please provide full details/description of what you have to offer and of course include the very lowest price. Send photos as well in an email to us as a follow up (people like to see pictures). If selling a pallet lot, please include pallet weight, pallet dimensions (L x W x H), # cases per pallet, units per case, as well as total number of pallets available of particular product.

Please note:

Products/cases cannot have any reference back to your company.

We will arrange our own double-blind pick-up as purchases will be sent directly to our customer

If we have other questions we'll be in touch, or if you have any questions as please reach out to us.

Sell To Us

To offer your products, please take the time to fill in the form fields below.

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